Track robot activities throughout all your infrastructures with new Activity Tab in Smart Infrastructure.

Smart Infrastructure is one of the core services on Aitheon’s platform that allows you to easily manage smart buildings, robots and differentother devices like cameras, sensors, access control points etc. from various manufacturers in one place. 

In 2020, the Aitheon Team has been tirelessly working on Smart Infrastructure, adding new features and improving the old ones, to build a truly unrivaled infrastructure management tool. And we managed to achieve a lot. 

It is very easy to add new devices to your Smart Infrastructure now as the system is able to recognize new devices automatically. Also, not so long ago we introduced a powerful tracking feature into Smart Infrastructure, which allows you to track movements of people, shipments/cargo, devices, machines, or any other objects equipped with a tracking device within your building.

And with the most recent update we added a new Activity Tab to Smart Infrastructure. It allows you to monitor the activity of every robot installed at any of your infrastructures. Previously this feature was only open to the owners of Aitheon robots, but after the recent update, it is available to everyone and supports both original Aitheon Robots and models from third-party manufacturers.



In this tab you can see a report with full information about the activity of every robot throughout the day, including its routes, tasks completed, and even disinfections performed. You can actually check which rooms were disinfected by the robot, how effective it was and if every part of the room was disinfected properly. 

Pretty soon we are going to open for everyone the ability to also monitor in the Activity Tab cameras installed within infrastructures and people wearing tracking devices.

Want to know how Smart Infrastructure can be applied to your business? Get in touch, tell us about the issues and challenges your business is dealing with and let’s plan your future automation project together!