The digital ecosystem simplifying your world through AI, robotic, and human symbiosis.

We believe that people create businesses to share their passions with the world. Unfortunately, today’s business model is laden with back-end processes that are time consuming, complicated and require multiple systems; each to complete a different task. Passion is quickly displaced by the demands of daily operations.

Aitheon’s mission is to change this.

By integrating AI and Robotics in a user friendly way, businesses become automated in a single, simple platform. This allows effortless streamlining of mundane business tasks; while simultaneously acquiring access to the latest tech and services.

We also believe that all individuals should have access to the opportunity to work. To enable these backend business processes, our AI is augmented by individuals who can work remotely from anywhere in the world.

Welcome to the digital ecosystem. We are here to enable you.

Mechbots and Devices
Mechbots and Devices

All physical robots and electronic devices are integratable on the Aitheon ecosystem. Regardless of skill level, users can perform diverse tasks, optimize productivity, increase reliability, and decrease risk.


Virtual robots within the Aitheon ecosystem automate business processes which enable organizations to focus on their passion, instead of mundane business tasks.

Aitheon Specialists
Aitheon Specialists

Remote workers assisting A.I in learning.

Aitheon takes empowerment to a higher level. With community-driven voting blocks, users have the power to guide development and the future of Aitheon.

Aitheon Community
Aitheon Community

Remote workers assisting A.I in learning.

Aitheon takes empowerment to a higher level. With community-driven voting blocks, users have the power to guide development and the future of Aitheon.

Aitheon Creators Program
Aitheon Creators Program

Using Aitheon to do all of the backend heavy liftings, the Aitheon Creators Program enables innovators to design and develop new Digibots, Mechbots, and devices for use with Aitheon while serving as an easy path to market.

Aitheon Pilots
Aitheon Pilots

From remote locations, technicians trained as Aitheon pilots supervise and teleoperate robots all over the world to ensure proper performance.

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Road Map

  • Public Launch
  • Pre Sale
  • North American Bitcoin Conference
  • World Government Summit
  • International upcoming project & partnership meetings tour
  • Marketing campaign begins for community awareness of Aitheon capabilities
  • ICO Launch
  • Tech Paper Published
  • Aitheon Established in Estonia
  • Begin beta testing for Aitheon Creators Program with eligible token holders
  • Begin beta testing for Small to Medium Sized Businesses with eligible token holders
  • Begin beta testing for the Specialists Program with eligible token holders
  • Development Kits for Beta Creators available for purchase
  • Launch the Aitheon Community’s new structure
  • POS device available for Beta businesses.
  • Creators Program fully operational
  • Specialists Program public launch
  • Small to Medium Sized Businesses able to utilize platform in select categories
  • Begin beta testing for Aitheon Pilots Program with eligible token
  • Aitheon Community votes on whether to remain on Ethereum or convert to an independant coin
  • Rollout of Specialists Academy, college accredited training programs
  • Aitheon Pilots Program fully operational

Coin Allocation


1) How much was raised in pre-sale?


We raised $8,750,000. That is 50 million tokens at the price of $0.175 (including 50 % discount of original price of 0.35 $ per token.)

2) When I signed up on the Aitheon website, the dashboard showed, “KYC verified”, is this accurate?


Yes, the back-end verification runs your name, birthdate and email to automatically complete this process. Your ID is not required.

3) I am from ______ country. Am I eligible to purchase AIC tokens?


Residents from any country are able to purchase AIC tokens. The Aitheon token is not a security or a currency token, its an utility token. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to understand and abide by laws in their governing country.

4) I am having issues with the bounty campaign. Who do I contact?


You need to contact the bounty manager, Sylon, on Bitcointalk. (He is not on telegram). If he has not answered you can message Rachel@aitheon.com

5) What is the Hard Cap for the ICO, what happens with the remaining tokens?


The Hard Cap of the ICO is 250,000,000 tokens. Any remaining tokens will return to the mining pool.

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Aitheon team

Creator / CEO
Ryan Burleson, Cheif Strategy Officer
Chief Strategy Officer
Sergei, Head of Web Application Team
Head of Web Application Team
 Saad Shah, Lead UX/UI Designer
Lead UX/UI Designer
Rachel Wang, Executive Assistant
Executive Assistant
Erica Harvitt, Director of Brand and Marketing
Director of Brand and Marketing
Ramzie Shams, Creative Director
Creative Director
Alexandros Toutzaris, ICO Relations Manager
ICO Relations Manager
Daniel Spyralatos, Social Media Manager
Social Media Manager
 Moe Levin, Advisor
Xavier Rosseel, Community Admin
 Gerrit Chrysler, Community Admin
 Marco Poliquin, Community Admin
 Shantikumar Chougule, Community Admin

Application Development Team

Aitheons development team consists of 16 developers.(Some team
information is omitted for NDA and security reasons).

Robotics and Devices Team

Robotics and Devices Team

Team Lead: Andrew Archer
4 Embedded Firmware and Software
1 Power Systems Engineer
2 Schematics/PCB Designers

Web Application Team

Web Application Team

Team Lead: Sergei
1 UX Interface Designer
1 Graphic Designer
2 MEAN Stack Developers

Blockchain Systems Team

Blockchain Systems Team

Team Lead:Alexey
1 Solidity Programmer
2 Blockchain/ICO Specialists

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The Future Society
The AI Initiative
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*Disclaimer: The amount of shown on the website, social media and ticker has been committed and not necessarily wired to the company. The actual amount brought in during the pre-sale and main sale may vary.