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The Aitheon platform integrates AI, smart devices, virtual and real robots as well as human specialists into a perfectly orchestrated solution. It helps to decrease costs, refine productivity, and eliminate routine work while strengthening humans to facilitate meaningful and creative work.
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// Aitheon Digibots

Virtual robots within the Aitheon ecosystem automate business processes and can take directed actions to gather information, solve problems, and handle repetitive tasks that humans shouldn’t need to do.
Digibots are AI-enabled business applications that solve common business problems. Aitheon’s AI Modules based on artificial intelligence can take more active, more intelligent roles observing and learning business operations, and making recommendations for improvement and automation.
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// Mechbots and Devices

​All physical robots and electronic devices can be integrated on the Aitheon ecosystem. They could include robots for automated material handling, automated parking, robotic arms, coffee makers, cameras, lawn mowers, leaf disposal, home automation, smart parking facilities, ​and many more. Regardless of skill level, users can perform diverse tasks, optimize productivity, increase reliability, and decrease risk.

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// Creator Studio

Intelligent robotic automation that works with humans and independently. Using Aitheon to do all of the backend heavy liftings, the Creators Program enables innovators to design and develop new Digibots, Mechbots, and devices for use with Aitheon while serving as an easy path to market.
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