Reduce infections with disinfection robots

Robots that have set new standards for
automated and safe disinfection

Disinfection robot "Yezhik UVD"

Yezhik UVD is used as part of a regular cleaning cycle preventing and reducing the spread of infectious diseases, bacteria, viral, and other types of harmful organic microorganisms by breaking down their DNA-structure.

Disinfection robot
Using the Aitheon platform, robots can be seamlessly integrated with third party hospital information management systems, Apps and systems or sensors.
Thermal Scanner
Pulse oximeter
Motors are maintenance-free and allow robots to accelerate to 3 meters per second.
3 meters
Per second
Connectivity through WiFi, easy automatically or manual control inside Aitheon’s platform. Receive all notifications in Aitheon Platform, WhatsApp, Slack, text message or phone call
Receiving notifications to WhatsApp or Phone
Charging time:
140+ kg
Include lamps, battery, and computer assembly
Up to 8 hours

  • Sensors and hardware
    Robots have inbuilt sensors around the perimeter that will analyze their surroundings allowing the robots to avoid obstacles and change route if needed without interruption to the robot's tasks.
    Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Safety
    Robots predict movements of humans, animals, vehicles and other moving equipment. This allows the robots to plan their trajectory and then build their own trajectory based on this data.
    Moreover, they can stop immediately when there is no chance to avoid a collision. This provides a predictable and safe work environment
  • Emergency
    Robots are equipped with emergency stop bumpers and buttons to stop the robot when manual intervention is required
  • Reports and notifications
    Generate daily, weekly routine reports or reports by request
  • Dimensions
    Height - 1700 mm
    Width - 610 mm
    Length - 810 mm
  • Integration
    Using the Aitheon platform, robots can be seamlessly integrated with third party hospital information management systems, Apps and systems or sensors.
  • UV lamps
    12 UV lamps
    Length - 895 mm
  • Optional Accessories
    Thermal Scanner
    Pulse oximeter

Disinfection accessories

One of Aitheon next-generation robots' distinctive features is it’s unique modular design, which allows users to adjust the robot for various purposes simply by switching the changeable accessories.

UV-C light is the most effective method of disinfection applied today. Low-pressure UV-C Mercury lamps produce short-wave ultraviolet light that kills various pathogens by disrupting their DNA.
UV-C spectrum: 254 nm
Radius: 1.5 meters
The most accessible option
No smell or residue
Aitheon’s Spray Disinfection Attachment disinfects with hydrogen peroxide vapor treatment. It generates a cloud of extremely small droplets of a disinfectant liquid reaching inaccessible areas that may be difficult or not possible to reach using other cleaning methods. The main advantage of spray compared to UV-C Mercury lamps is a wider disinfection area.
Hydrogen peroxide fogging
Can not be used around electronics or fabrics
Radius: up to 6 meters
The fastest disinfection method
Reaches shadowed areas
Pulsed Xenon ultraviolet light (PX-UV) disinfection is another UV option, which is faster compared to UV-C Mercury lamps. Pulsed Xenon lamps produce a ash of germicidal light across the entire disinfecting spectrum, which is delivered in millisecond pulses within 5 meters radius.
Xenon spectrum: 200 nm - 320 nm
More expensive option
Faster and more effective than UV-C Mercury lamps
Radius: 5 meters


Aitheon Disinfection Robots, Yezhik and Laska, come with all the required certificates from supervising authorities, including the FDA approval for UVC lamps used for disinfection, as well as other documents confirming the highest standarts of quality and safety.

certificates UV Bulbs Technical Information
UV Bulbs Technical Information
certificates UV Bulbs Technical Information
EC-Declaration of Confirmity
certificates UV Bulbs Technical Information
UV Bulbs Product Datasheet
certificates UV Bulbs Technical Information
Certificate for Quality Management System of Aitheon Disinfection Robots
certificates UV Bulbs Technical Information
FDA Approval of UV Lamps Effectiveness Against COVID-19

//Improved cleaning
and delivering daily routine

Unlike humans, robots work around the clock without breaks, overtime pay, or Holidays without complaints. Robots work non-stop, ensuring that tasks get completed with the highest throughput and efficiency, and
minimum need for human control or supervision with nearly zero downtime.

Set your own schedule

Set your own schedule and tasks using the Aitheon Platform

Robot’s analyze optimize task load and charge during non-working hours

Automatically and manual control

Autonomous and
manual control

Robot receives tasks from
Aitheon Platform and gets the job done

Disinfection takes 10 minutes

Disinfection cleaning
takes 10 - 15 minutes

UV radiation kills 99.9% of bacteria

Robot send a notification

Robot send a notification
and begin new tasks

Cleaning or delivering staff receive a notification after finishing

Robot send a notification


Doctors can remotely operate robots anywhere in the world to interact with patients using the Aitheon Piloting.

The Aitheon Piloting system allows users to be able to control robots easily without being a technical wizard.

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