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Aitheon’s mission is to provide businesses access to business intelligence and automation by offering an easy to use platform containing all of their business system needs, while seamlessly integrating AI and Robotics in a user-friendly way.
We believe that people create businesses to share their passions with the world. Unfortunately, today’s business model is laden with back-end processes that are time consuming, complicated and require multiple systems; each to complete a different task. Passion is quickly displaced by the demands of daily operations.
Aitheon’s mission is to change this.
By integrating AI and Robotics in a user-friendly way, businesses become automated in a single, simple platform. This allows effortless streamlining of mundane business tasks; while simultaneously acquiring access to the latest tech and services
Global presence
Aitheon, founded in 2017, is headquartered in USA and maintains a global presence servicing clients locally in North America, Europe, and, Asia Pacific Regions.
Andrew Archer
Creator / CEO
A serial entrepreneur with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and robotic systems. His robotics passions have spanned many fields, including Military, Medical, Automotive, Automated Warehousing, Robotic Parking, creating disruptive companies focusing on mobile robotics and human/robotic collaboration
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