Hey there! You won’t believe what we did. 🤓

Hey there! You won’t believe what we did. 🤓

You probably heard that we have a limited offer for our Project Manager tool: $4.99 per member/month lifetime price that includes all features Aitheon will ever add in the future if you join us before April 1st to start a 14-day trial. With an unlimited number of Projects, Kanban boards, Epics for planning, and Tasks, there’s another incredible “thing” that we are excited to tell you about!

The “thing” is the ability to quickly play Doom at work simply by finding the right combination of actions! 

We all sometimes need a break in order to be able to work as productively as possible. Now you have this opportunity without even closing Aitheon Project Manager. Recharge and rush!


If you didn’t find the combination of actions to start the game, check the YouTube video or follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on the Aitheon Platform or Sign In.
  2. Go to Project Manager service and open "All Projects" tab.
  3. Create a new project by pressing “CREATE PROJECT” button or choose an existing project (any project that can be archived).
  4. Click on the “Main Board” tab.
  5. Delete the following columns: Backlog, Case, In Progress.
  6. Try to delete the last default column, and you will see the question.
  7. Answer the lord’s question :)
  8. Enjoy!



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