AITHEON AUTOMATION. Business Automation and intelligence from EDGE to Cloud

AITHEON AUTOMATION. Business Automation and intelligence from EDGE to Cloud

As Aitheon’s technologies and solutions are getting increasingly demanded among enterprises in various industries around the globe, we decided to get all the information that you need to understand how Aitheon’s platform can truly empower your business and give your company a competitive advantage on a single page.

Meet Aitheon Business Automation! This is a new page on Aitheon’s website, meant to present and explain to you all the strengths and powers of Aitheon’s platform, mainly three services that are key to any business automation purposes: Aitheon Core, Creators Studio, and Smart Infrastructure. 

Aitheon’s platform allows businesses to seamlessly connect all of their software, hardware devices, and infrastructures in one system. And to easily add AI, Machine Learning and process automation to their business processes using the latest cutting edge technology.

We at Aitheon have created a universal and easily applicable solution to a range of crucial business issues, and it has already proven to be extremely effective for our clients, large international corporations in e-commerce and food retail.

How exactly? It allows you to focus on the business rather than writing code thanks to pre-built components in Creators Studio, to monitor and analyze business activities via Real-time dashboards built into Aitheon Services, to seamlessly integrate robots and machines with Aitheon Device Manager, to tie all of it (services, automations, dashboards, robots and machines) together in a single interface of Aitheon Core, and much more. 

Check Aitheon Business Automation page for details, and don’t be shy to BOOK A DEMO if you want to know more about our business automation offers and ready to START AUTOMATING YOUR BUSINESS TODAY!