UAE and Spain Leading the Way in Government Support of Robotics and Automation

Automation and robotic solutions are quickly gaining more and more prominence in the business sector around the world, and some countries are leading the way by creating special opportunities for these sectors to grow and develop. 

Spain, for example, launched an industrial digitalization initiative called Connected Industry 4.0 in 2016 with the goal to support local businesses in their digital transformation and provide more opportunities for companies in robotic and automation sub sectors.

According to the government of Spain, there were 5,266 installations of new robots in this country in 2018, and this number keeps growing year after year. 53% of companies in Spain are currently adopting robotic automation implementation processes, and the Connected Industry 4.0 initiative helps them to do this more effectively. 

Another good example of a government doing its best to support real digital transformation of the business sector is the UAE (United Arab Emirates). Back in 2014, the UAE unveiled its National Innovation Strategy, calling for tech innovations and digital transformation in sectors including technology, transport, and energy.

The UAE is aiming to become a new global robotics hub by actively investing in robotic solutions and implementation of business automation projects. During the recent years robots were introduced as an active help for many different purposes in the UAE.

In Dubai, robots clean local Metro stations, produce car licence plates, do cardiac surgeries, serve guests at receptions, and even help save lives on local beaches. In May 2017, Dubai Police employed the world’s first operational robot policeman.

As you can see, world governments and business are becoming increasingly willing to invest in automation and innovative technologies. But implementing such projects, especially large-scale ones, can be an incredibly complex task with a lot of risks and potential mistakes that could easily ruin the whole project and make it a big waste of time and money. 

That’s why any organization looking to start an automation project needs a reliable and professional partner to assist at every stage and on different levels of the project, from estimating economic effects to employee training and managing the implementation process. 

Aitheon, with our powerful AI-centered platform, rich portfolio of business tools and robotics solutions, is exactly such a partner, trusted by a number of large international corporations to run massive automation projects for them. 

Aitheon Team is qualified to implement all kinds of automation projects and solutions, including both software automation and implementation of hardware, robots or industry-specific devices. We have experience managing automation projects for companies in various industries and market sectors. Each particular automation project is unique, and having expertise in this field allows us to find applicable solutions and implement them rapidly, but responsibly. 

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