The Future of Warehouse Automation. How Aitheon Can Automate Over 75% of Warehousing Processes in Less Than Three Months

The global warehouse automation market will grow more than twice in size, from $13B in 2018 to $27B by 2025, at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 11.7% between 2019 and 2025, according to a new report by And we at Aitheon are proud to be a part of this growth with our multi-profile solutions.


Our own Warehousing and Manufacturing Robots and services, such as Item Manager, Smart Infrastructure Manager, Order Manager, developed demand models, Project Manager for the processes’ support, and Device Management tools for managing robots, machines, and IoT devices, are fully or partially involved in a number of Smart Warehousing projects, carried by large international companies. 

While Aitheon Core, Aitheon’s central platform-as-a-service, ties all these solutions together and provides businesses with the ability to automate processes by building them like LEGO blocks. Aitheon Core service is the only way to change current processes without writing lots of code and taking weeks or even months to improve or build processes when there is an unexpected market changer like COVID or a new business competitor entering the market.


With the help of AGV Robot Yezhik for carrying bins, boxes, carts and pallets, with smaller robots for moving storage bins between different layers of the shells, with the software solutions, pick-to-light stations and other tools, we are able to automate about 75% of the common warehousing processes. 


Some of the quick business wins take only two-three weeks to manifest. While most of the complex smart warehousing projects were completed by Aitheon IN LESS THAN THREE MONTHS (every project is estimated based on the specific requirements of the customer). 


In order to reduce the implementation time, the Aitheon team has built a whole Platform of our own solutions to cover the majority of your business needs in a single place. 

According to analysts, we can expect broadly double-digit growth in sales, driven by demographic changes, increased penetration in e-commerce, and the advent of the IoT, which will drive demand for data analytics and automated operations.


We’d be happy to share more about some of the already implemented warehouse automation projects, including cases with the full software support for the one facility of around 11,000 inbound storage bins per day and more than 200,000 storage locations. 

You can also book a free 30-minute demo session with Aitheon’s implementation specialist. Message us in the online chat at or email us at