How Aitheon’s Services Form the Future of Warehousing Automation

According to a recent report by DHL, an international delivery service, the majority of warehouses around the globe are still not automated, despite the fact that having modern warehouse operations will be ‘a critical factor for the success of any supply chain-centric business such as eCommerce and retail.’


80% of warehouses are still manually operated with no supporting automation, mechanized warehouses account for only 15% of total warehouses, while only 5% of total current warehouses are automated. In the report, DHL’s experts also note that there are ‘no off-the-shelf solutions in warehouse automation – each system is customized to the individual customer’s business needs.’


And this confirms Aitheon’s own approach to warehouse automation, as we have a range of various solutions for warehouses that are very adaptable to the specific needs and problems of each of our customers in a short time. 

This includes both software and hardware solutions for warehouse automation, such as robots for the transportation of goods, all kinds of conveyor systems, tracking devices, picking and packing stations and more. 

But in this post, we would like to tell you about Aitheon’s software solutions, designed to play a fundamental role in any warehouse automation activities and already helping dozens of our customers to benefit from innovative AI-based tools. 

Aitheon’s Smart Infrastructure service is one of the key solutions here, as it allows you to connect all of your warehouses, infrastructure, facilities, and devices to an operational overview.  Using Smart Infrastructure, businesses can easily manage all their warehouses at different locations in a single place, track their operations, stock, item allocations, and various other information in real-time mode. 






Creators Studio, another powerful tool that is a part of the Aitheon Platform, allows you to create unique custom applications for the specific needs of your warehouse operations. For example, in Creators Studio, businesses can design apps to run robots and various machines, to monitor and manage workstations, various kinds of guide and quality control apps for workers on different positions, dashboard apps with real-time data updates and analysis, tools to set tasks for AGV robots, and much, much more. Creators Studio makes it easy to create, change and support the logic of business processes that control software and hardware, with both Full-Code and Graphical / Low-Code Experience versions available.







The combination of Smart Infrastructure with custom apps designed in Creators Studio truly offers unlimited possibilities for the improvement of warehouse operations and their efficiency. 

Item Manager is another important tool for warehouse automation. It allows you to create a centralized location of items, files, and inventory used in your business. The items are connected to the warehouse system, allowing you to easily identify where the needed item is stored as the system is instantly updating and maintaining information regarding the stock and inventory.






Finally, Aitheon Project Manager allows you to organize work throughput and assignment of tasks to make warehousing operations even more efficient and achieve the highest levels of productivity, both from workers and machines. 







And all these tools and services can be tied seamlessly to the current software your company is using thanks to Aitheon Core. Read more about this game-changing service in one of our previous articles



We’ll be sharing more information about Aitheon’s tools and solutions for warehouse automation in the future. 

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