Automation in weeks instead of years with Aitheon Core

Aitheon Core gives you the power to easily create advanced automated processes and link them together.

Adding a new process or rebuilding an old one sounds like a complicated, time-consuming, and costly process.

That was before Aitheon Core =)


To minimize the cost of time and people, our engineers and data scientists worked to create simple automation that anyone can use to automate processes in weeks instead of years.


  • It means you can build and deploy applications ten times faster than standard development and 4 times faster than competing low-code platforms (we can prove it in a demo).
  • The interface is understandable even without coding knowledge.
  • Prebuilt applications for iOS, Android allowing you to take your applications and process control anywhere you go.
  • In Core, you only pay for use, no monthly fees for users, and no large upfront annual cost.
  • The security of the Aitheon platform secures your information and protects you from loss during employee changes. 
  • Connect multiple data sources and existing systems and tools.
  • Create new apps and automations for your business needs.
  • Conduct process simulations in real-time to make instant decisions.
  • Build real-time monitoring dashboards for your business activities.
  • Extensive notifications and communications hub (phone text, email, most messenger services) already built-in.

By using the Aitheon Core your business is future-proofed and can adapt, optimize and expand as it grows without the need to get new software systems.

Tell us about your business problems and we will find a solution for it. 😉