Automating Electronics Repair Services

Client: a major national provider of computer and mobile device repair and service solutions.


Large electronics repair services providers, such as this client of ours, normally have one major problem affecting their processes: they need A LOT of different instructions, often with multiple versions of the same instruction. When a company has multiple branches across the country with hundreds or repairing orders every day, this can be a huge problem. 

Having paper-based work instructions was creating a whole range of issues for our client. For example, paper-based guides were difficult to follow, not possible to update quickly if there is a mistake in it, and made it really difficult for engineers to verify technician compliance. And, of course, having multiple versions created a lot of inconsistency across different branches: different versions were in use, causing mistakes and wrongly executed procedures. 

Another obvious flaw of paper-based instructions is that they make it impossible to collect the data, which is required to improve and optimize every part of the repair procedures and standardize work across locations. 

This is why our client needed a comprehensive customizable solution, easily integratable across different stores in various locations. 



  • Work Instruction Apps.

Creating custom work instruction applications allowed our client to establish the data collection process. Now all the data about the status of each repair is collected automatically. 

  • Integration With Current Order Management System. 

Integration of the new solution with our client’s current ERP allowed us to significantly simplify inventory tracking and processing planning. 

  • Rich Digital Content and Interaction Features in Apps.

We were able to digitize all paper-based guides, instructions and manuals that were in use by our client, including every possible version of each document. And added a number of interactive features such as in-line quality checks (to make sure the work is done in line with the standards), diagrams and graphics to illustrate the data, etc. 

As a result, now our client is able to automatically track every repair job in every location across the country, as well as viewing and analyzing KPIs and statuses in a centralized dashboard.


Integrating these solutions allowed our client to automate and centralize data collection, significantly reduced their services quality issues (while increasing customer satisfaction), made it much easier to create customizable processes applied only at specific locations, improved instruction versioning control and order status monitoring a lot. Almost complete elimination of paperwork is another major achievement of this project.