Conferences, Raises and Airdrops - Oh My!

Conferences, Raises and Airdrops - Oh My!

We are SO excited to announce the progress of our sale. To date, our compiled raise from committed funds, private sales, and ICO crowd sales totals $21,279,766!!! We will have the progress bar uploaded to the website soon. 

In another major announcement, we will be launching a large airdrop to ALL registered users who remain subscribed to our telegram channel and meet other minimal requirements (restrictions apply). 100 tokens (that’s $35 worth of AIC!!!) will be distributed to every eligible account. Look for an upcoming email announcement for further details. (AIC token valuation based on price of AIC at the conclusion of Aitheon’s TGE.)

Lastly, please look for the Aitheon team during our upcoming Crypto Conference tour. 


We hope to see you on the road!!

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