Aitheon Pursues Unique Vision of Bringing Help, Education, and Economic Opportunity to Humans through AI, Robots, and Blockchain Technologies

Aitheon Pursues Unique Vision of Bringing Help, Education, and Economic Opportunity to Humans through AI, Robots, and Blockchain Technologies

Organizations as Diverse as The United Nations, Institutions of Higher Learning, and Companies that Promote STEM Learning for Children Are Early Believers in Aitheon’s Vision


April 12, 2018 – Tallinn, Estonia – Aitheon, makers of the world’s first blockchain-powered platform to integrate AI, robotics, IoT, human specialists and cryptocurrency, unveiled a sweeping vision to leverage their technologies to benefit humans -- offering assistance, education and paying jobs to people in need. The company is actively pursuing initiatives with The United Nations, The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, and RoboTerra to achieve the first steps in bringing their vision to life.


AI, smart devices and robots hold tremendous promise as tools to reduce the expense and drudgery associated with many back-office business functions. But while these advanced technologies can handle a significant percentage of the workload, they typically can’t do everything. Human judgment, human perception, and human problem solving are often needed to complete the job.


The Aitheon platform addresses this problem by integrating AI, IoT, and real and virtual robots with the contributions of human Specialists and Pilots. This eliminates tedious work, while empowering humans to do the creative, meaningful work they do best. With this approach, the Aitheon platform becomes much more than a powerful tool for business applications. It’s a platform to help, educate, and lift people out of poverty all over the world.


A number of pioneering organizations are already working with Aitheon to help bring the company’s vision to life. Healthcare officials at the United Nations have reached out to Aitheon to create a program that would incorporate a computer-based questionnaire with software to read facial expressions, thus reducing the time and resources it takes to perform beneficial psychological evaluations of refugees seeking assistance. The United Nations is also exploring ways to train refugee populations as Specialists on the Aitheon platform. This would enable them to do meaningful work, and earn income even from remote refugee settlements scattered across the globe.  


The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, of Abu Dhabi, is working with Aitheon to introduce a specialized certification program for Aitheon Specialists and Pilots into its curriculum. An “Aitheon certification,” accredited by the Masdar Institute, would offer certified Aitheon Specialists instant access to employment on the Aitheon platform, from anywhere in the world.


RoboTerra is a Santa Clara, CA-based company that develops creative robotic products, designed to stimulate creativity and cultivate the next generation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) talent. Aitheon and RoboTerra are exploring ways to use the Aitheon platform to support programs that teach children how to build robots and code.


Andrew Archer, Aitheon Founder and CEO said;

“Many people are concerned about the disruptive impacts of AI, robots, and other connected devices, but they don’t need to be. While governments consider the possible need to institute taxes on robots to provide unemployed populations with basic incomes, we believe all individuals should have access to the opportunity to work. The Aitheon platform brings AI, robots and people together, enabling  people to contribute meaningful, creative work that is beyond the capability of AI and machines.”

In pursuit of an even broader vision for human/AI symbiosis, executives at Aitheon have begun exploring ways their platform could be used to help disadvantaged  populations.

During a recent trip to India, the company researched ways to reduce the number of children who are orphaned by enabling mothers to become more self-sufficient via career opportunities. One approach could be for the company to set up a foundation to provide housing, food and childcare for single mothers, who would be trained to work as Specialists on the Aitheon platform. Mothers would be able to keep custody of their children in a stable environment. Eventually, participants’ platform earnings could fund the ongoing operation of the program.

In another vision, online K-12 education could be delivered to children via the Aitheon platform in areas with limited access to educational opportunities. When the children reach graduation age, young adults could continue their education, pursue other employment, or even work as Aitheon Specialists.


Aitheon is actively seeking creative ideas from it’s users to leverage its platform to advance education, economic opportunity, human empowerment and business success. If you have an idea to share, please contact


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