Aitheon ICO Begins April 20th at 17:00 UTC 30% Discount Offered

Aitheon ICO Begins April 20th at 17:00 UTC 30% Discount Offered

The Aitheon Token (AIC) Enables Frictionless Value Exchange on Aitheon’s AI-enabled Platform. Organizations are Eager to Use the Token to Power their Aitheon Solutions

April 19, 2018 – Tallinn, Estonia – Aitheon, makers of the world’s first blockchain-powered platform to integrate AI, robotics, IoT, human specialists and cryptocurrency, announced today that its ICO will begin on April 20th at 17:00 UTC. Individuals and organizations interested in participating are urged to visit to get whitelisted before the sale begins. Aitheon is offering a 30% discount on its tokens at the start of the offering. 
The Aitheon platform brings together AI, smart devices, and real and virtual robots with human Specialists and Pilots into an integrated solution that reduces costs, improves productivity, and eliminates tedious work, while empowering humans to contribute the creative, meaningful work that they do best. 
Until now, there has been no simple way for businesses and individuals to render or collect payment for services in operations that are initiated by AI. The Aitheon Token (AIC) solves this problem. Blockchain-powered Aitheon tokens and smart contracts enable frictionless exchange of value across the platform, improving efficiency while reducing the delays, costs, and risks associated with third-party transaction processing.  

Andrew Archer, Aitheon Founder and CEO said;
“Our AI-enabled platform delivers tremendous efficiency and savings to organizations of all kinds. With more than seven years of development and testing, many organizations are already building and piloting customized Aitheon solutions. The Aitheon token now gives us a seamless way to enable value exchange on the platform. Our users are very excited about this new development.”
With the token, individuals are granted entry into the blockchain-based Aitheon ecosystem. Using smart contracts, Aitheon will provide contracted solutions to distributed clusters of customers, agents, and devices that use the token as a method to exchange services. Businesses and individuals can deploy these agents, services and devices to perform work on their behalf. They can also barter with and pay humans, robots and deep learning agents on the platform for work performed. 

More than a concept, the Aitheon platform is live and registering new users daily. With over seven years of development and real world testing behind its core, the Aitheon Platform enables organizations to combine the work of humans and intelligent machines to automate tedious back-end functions like customer service, recruitment, fulfillment, transportation and logistics, data entry and retrieval, remote piloting of semi-autonomous vehicles and more. The Aitheon Platform is commercially powered by the company’s own cryptocurrency tokens. Aitheon’s ICO begins April 20th @17:00 UTC, starting at a 30% discount. Get whitelisted today.

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